Keith Thurman keeps his focus during public workout

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Keith Thurman ducked an invisible foe and swung, his fists firing like bullets from a gun. He then flashed across the ring in tight semi-circles, exhaling with his punches, his face frozen in a look of intense concentration, his focus palpable.

Keith Thurman

Keith Thurman looked ready for the ring during his public workout Wednesday at the MGM Grand.

If he were a racehorse, he’d need no blinders.

Thurman looked ready to go Wednesday as he worked out for a throng of fans in a ring set up near the MGM Grand sports book in Las Vegas, with Survivor’s “Burning Heart”—taken from the Rocky IV soundtrack, appropriately enough—providing the soundtrack for the training session.

Afterward, Thurman took a seat in the sports book’s VIP lounge. He learned that he’s a 7-to-1 betting favorite for his fight against Robert Guerrero at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night.

“I guess I’m not betting on myself,” Thurman said with a grin as he considered the meager payout those odds would give him. But then his smile faded and he got serious.

“Robert Guerrero is a beaten fighter; I’m an unbeaten fighter,” Thurman said. “I’m younger, I’m faster, I’m stronger. I think (the betting line) is a little steep, but so far, the house favors Keith “One Time” Thurman until they see a reason not to.”

Those reasons won’t be forthcoming any time soon, to hear Thurman tell it..

“To win a round, you have to land punches. And every single time they hit me, I take a mental note of that,” Thurman says of his opponents. “And if they hit me once, I’m going hit them twice.”

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