author: Lem Satterfield

PBC Boxing Video
Aug 17, 2019 / Julian Williams

Julian Williams Joins “Hands Up, Guns Down” Youth Event in Philly

PBC Boxing Video
Aug 14, 2019 / Tony Harrison

Standing Eight: Tony Harrison

PBC Boxing Video
Aug 7, 2019 / Robert Easter Jr

Standing Eight: Robert Easter Jr.

PBC Boxing Video
Jul 2, 2019 / Jarrett Hurd

Standing Eight: Jarrett Hurd

Jun 15, 2019 / Keith Thurman, Caleb Plant, Shawn Porter

A PBC Father's Day

PBC Boxing Video
Jun 13, 2019 / Mario Barrios

Standing Eight: Mario Barrios

PBC Boxing Video
Jun 7, 2019 / Julian Williams

Standing Eight With Julian "J-Rock" Williams

PBC Boxing Video
May 14, 2019 / Gary Russell Jr

Gary Russell Jr. Aims to Make a Statement


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