Sakio Bika giving his children a fighting chance at success

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In a few years, Sakio Bika envisions discussing career choices with his three children.

Sakio Bika

Sakio Bika wants all three of his children to pursue their sporting passions, even if they don't include boxing.

For his middle son, 6-year-old Jordan, that conversation may involve the sports he loves to play, and specifically whether to emulate his hero, Tiger Woods, or his namesake, Michael Jordan.

“I would also like him to learn how to play basketball or even tennis,” Bika said. “In the meantime he is very active and particularly likes golf. He wants to be like Tiger Woods.”

There’s always the chance, though, that Jordan will follow in the footsteps of his fighting father, whom the youngster often mimics during workouts.

“I have taken him to the gym many times, and he likes to try it all,” Bika said. “He likes to both watch and train as he is very active. He is very young and likes to try many different sports, so only the future will tell.”

If Jordan does take up boxing, he has a great role model to follow. Bika, a former world champion at 168 pounds, is stepping up in weight to challenge 175-pound champion Adonis Stevenson in Quebec City on April 4, headlining the first Premier Boxing Champions card on CBS.

“Maybe in the future, he will take it further, but he is still young,” said Bika, who was born in Douala, Cameroon, but has resided in Sydney, Australia, since competing there during the 2000 Olympics. “If he wants to box, I'll allow him to box, although it’s a very difficult sport in which to make a living.”

Bika and his wife, Belinda, also have a 19-month-old daughter, Zali, and a 9-year-old son, Zidane, who is named after French soccer legend Zinedine Zidane.

Young Zidane has taken after his namesake with an early passion for soccer, while Bika wouldn’t mind if Zali shapes into the next Serena Williams. Jordan, meanwhile, continues to show promise with his fists and footwork.

“Jordan is a very big boy and very strong like me,” Bika said. “If he decides one day to take boxing seriously, I will support him every way I can and make sure he takes the right path in all areas of the sport.

"In the meantime, he just enjoys coming to the gym with me, but basketball and golf are still his favorite sports.”

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