Luis Collazo delivers knuckle sandwiches in the ring, sandwich materials outside it

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For a guy who’s as dedicated to the church as Luis Collazo is, you get the feeling that there’s one Bible story in particular that stood out to him. Collazo should be all about the fishes and the loaves—and you can hold the seafood.

Luis Collazo and Amir Khan

Luis Collazo, left, earning his dough against Amir Khan in May 2014 after delivering the dough.

After stopping David Gogichaishvili in June 2009, the former 147-pound world champion went through a long period on the shelf. He didn’t get back in the ring until an April 2011 bout against Franklin Gonzalez. But what’s a guy supposed to do in the meantime?

Hint: They don’t call it the staff of life for nothing.

“Right now I own a bread route business,” Luis Collazo said. “A couple of years back my wife knew a guy who owned one himself. She introduced me and I went and checked it out, and it’s been amazing. It pays my bills, it’s making some money for me and I’ve got something to fall back on once I finish with boxing.”

It turned from something to do to get by during a down period into a newfound appreciation for business. And it doesn’t hurt that along the way Collazo picked up some economic wisdom handed down from the ages.

“I learned that everybody needs bread,” he said. “No matter how the economy is, good or bad, everybody needs bread.”

Just so long as the Paleo diet doesn’t completely take over, anyway.

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