Deontay Wilder and Vito Mielnicki Jr. Join The PBC Podcast

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Coming off impressive wins last Saturday, the undefeated WBC World Heavyweight Champion and the unbeaten welterweight prospect discuss future plans.

Undefeated WBC World Heavyweight Champion

Fresh off last Saturday’s thrilling one-punch knockout win over Luis Ortiz, undefeated WBC World Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder joined The PBC Podcast this week to break down his latest win and offer some insight regarding his next opponent, Tyson Fury. Here's just some of what he had to say:

On where his mind is now …

“My mindset is get ready for the next one because I’m on a mission. Like I said, I want one champion, one face, one name. And I’m so close, closer than I’ve ever been. There are a couple of obstacles to get out of the way but I’m not worried. I’m ready to go, ready to live out my dreams and reach them. It’s been a big goal for me to be undisputed, unified heavyweight champion and I’m here. One more step to go. If everything goes as planned, you can finally see a unified champion in the heavyweight division.”

On respect …

“It’s sad it took 43 fights for people to finally say, ‘OK, now I have to give him his credit. Something is going on here. You don’t get this far and defend this title this many times and this man don’t have no skills. I’m just the first of my kind. The things I do are indescribable, not text book. It’s my way, the Wilder way. I’m glad to be the first of my kind.”

On being lighter than almost all of his opponents …

“When you have power, and it’s tremendous power, and you know to use it at the right point of time and moment in a fight, you really don’t worry about too much. Again, my saying is that my opponents have to be perfect for 12 rounds, I don’t have to be perfect for 2 seconds. And I display that each and every time in the ring. When you have that, you don’t worry about weight.”

On his rematch with Tyson Fury …

“This time, he ain’t getting up. He will hit the canvas again. It will be an amazing fight … as long as it lasts. And I will go on to unify the division. America has a bad man in Deontay Wilder. Like I said, I’m not being cocky, I’m not being arrogant. I’m just, at this point, stating fact.”

Also, 17-year-old welterweight phenom Vito Mielnicki Jr. stops by to discuss his big win on Saturday and what’s next. All that, plus a full recap of last weekend’s entire FOX Sports PBC Pay-Per-View card, right here: The PBC Podcast.

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