Peter Quillin opening training camp to fans

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Peter Quillin wants you to see him sweat.

Peter Quillin

Peter Quillin is inviting fans to watch him train on Fridays, and to join him for runs on Saturdays as he prepares to fight 160-pound champion Andy Lee on April 11.

“People can see how much it flows, how much it comes out, how much pain I put myself through just to secure a victory,” the 160-pound fighter says.

And what better way to do so than in person?

To this end, Quillin is opening up his Santa Monica, California-based training camp as he preps for his Premier Boxing Champions battle with 160-pound champ Andy Lee on April 11, which will be broadcast on NBC.

On Fridays, fans can watch Quillin work out in the gym.

On Saturdays, they can join him for a run.

Fans can RSVP for either or both at

For Quillin, having an audience means added inspiration as he trains.

“It brings the best out me,” he says. “I’ve been doing this for a couple of camps now. When we put ourselves through this rigorous training, we always want to be in front of a crowd of people, to put pressure on myself. When you’re in front of people, you always want to perform at your best.”

If Quillin takes something away from being around his fans, he wants to return the favor to them.

He recalls a training session encounter with a young man who told him that Quillin’s dedication to his craft and the success that he’s had encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.

“It lets me know that I’m touching people in a special way, especially the kids,” Quillin says. “I always try to be the best example, to be able to say that if you work behind your dreams, really believe in them and put in the sacrifice and hard work, then only good things should happen to you.”

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