Peter Quillin learns art appreciation from his nephew

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Science has been known to run in families. The Curies racked up five Nobel Prizes between Marie, Pierre, their kids and assorted other members. Charles Darwin had children who went into astronomy and botany.

Peter Quillin art

Peter Quillin's nephew, Reynaldo Jordan Guevara, is an artist living in Milan, Italy.

Then again, the science Peter Quillin practices is of the sweet variety, which may account for a notable divergence from the family business.

While Quillin is getting ready to take on Australian Michael Zerafa on Saturday at Foxwoods Resort Casino (NBC, 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT), his nephew, Reynaldo Jordan Guevara, is busy painting in Milan, Italy.

“The art he’s done is unbelievable,” Quillin said. “It touched my heart to see him have a creative art like that. The artistry speaks to me. I’m trying to figure out how I can get him here or do something for him there, whatever I can do.”

Peter Quillin art

It’s all part of Quillin’s international adventures. He met his father’s family in Cuba in 2010, including his eldest brother whom he had previously never met. With the thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations, Quillin still holds out hope he can get his Cuban-born father, Pedro, back to the island. But in the meantime, Quillin’s time there with his family was the kind of meeting that even sparked some quasi-political ambitions.

“Let me tell you what’s crazy is, if I could be an ambassador for Cuba, I’d like to be,” Quillin said. “I’m trying to secure my family’s legacy with different things that are going to be memorable. Being remembered amongst [the public] isn’t important to me anymore. What’s important to me is being remembered for things I do for my closest peers.”

In the meantime, that means a planned post-fight trip with his wife and son to Milan to spend some time with his nephew and soak in the atmosphere.

And of course, to take a look at some art while he’s there.

“I’m trying to understand life as I go, and make sure that every situation I get placed in, I get humbled by it.”

To stay up-to-date on Quillin vs Zerafa, make sure to visit our fight page.

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