PBC pays tribute to Dieuseul Berto

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The father of world champion Andre Berto passed away December 29 at the age of 60.

Dieuseul Berto, the father of world champion Andre Berto, passed away December 29 at the age of 60 after battling an illness.

Dieuseul— known to many as “Tiger”—was the backbone of the Berto family. He was revered for his selflessness, strength and determination.

After migrating from Haiti to Winter Haven, Florida, Dieuseul became a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Along with Ken Shamrock, he was one of the first Western MMA fighters to compete in Japan.

In 1996, Dieuseul fought in UFC 10, back when the sport was still being introduced to the American public. Two years later, he suffered multiple broken bones in a terrible car accident. Doctors said he wouldn’t walk again.

Dieuseul resolved to prove them wrong. Not only did he regain the ability to walk, he opened a gym in Winter Haven called “Tiger’s World,” training many MMA fighters and creating fitness programs that are used by coaches nationwide.

Dieuseul passed down these disciplines to his children. His son James Edson Berto, and daughter Revelina Berto, are both professional MMA fighters. Andre represented Haiti in the 2004 Olympics. He’s enjoyed a fine pro career, becoming a three-time welterweight champion.

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