‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter gives cred to ‘Creed’

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When he’s not in the gym, PBC star “Showtime” Shawn Porter can often be found inside a movie theater. In his #ShowtimeAtTheMovies reviews on Facebook and Instagram, the former 147-pound world champion loves to tell it like it is, whether he thought a film was good, bad or somewhere in the middle. So with last week's release of "Creed," the latest installment in the “Rocky” series, PremierBoxingChampions.com asked the movie buff and veteran of 28 pro fights to provide his expert analysis.

Shawn Porter at the movies

With a story that stands on its own apart from the other "Rocky” movies, "Creed” gets the nod of approval from Shawn Porter.

I got a chance to check out Creed, the second major boxing movie to hit theaters in the last few months, following Southpaw, which I reviewed in July. Obviously, I’m gonna have more than a few thoughts about this one.

Overall, I gave it 4 out of 5 gloves. This was a very good movie. I especially appreciated the storyline outside the ring. The younger Creed’s struggle to separate his own identity from his father's added more excitement and energy to the film than I expected.

Of course, we always have to talk about how realistic the story and the fight/training scenes are.

I’ll start by saying this: I wish it were that easy to get a championship fight! Besides that, I thought all of the training and fight scenes were pretty good, and I especially liked the final fight. It had that vintage, old-school feel of the first Rocky film. I thought that was pretty cool.

Gotta give some props to Michael B. Jordan, who portrayed Apollo Creed's son, Adonis Johnson, for the job he did—not just acting, but also in preparing for the role. He looked like, in time, he could have a match or two. But let's be real: This is a movie. You can make anybody look good or strong or fast with a script and a camera. But, yeah, I think he's a great actor and was perfect for this role.

Overall, the movie had a great storyline. This kid not only wanted to be successful, but he wanted success on his own merits. I’m from Cleveland, where truly nothing is given and everything is earned, so I have much respect for this story.

I also liked the interaction between Rocky and the young Creed—that was the best part of the movie to me. Together they take you through a number of emotions, which is what you want and expect in a good film.

I feel like the makers of Creed wanted this film to stand on its own, and not just be the next Rockymovie. Yes, they touched on Rocky’s life and fame a little bit and what he had done, but they mostly made the film about young Creed, which I think was a great idea.

Enjoy the film, and hit me up on TwitterInstagram or Facebook to let me know what you think of it!

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