Robert Guerrero works the crowd as he awaits Keith Thurman

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Robert Guerrero was a ball of fire when he bounded into the ring for his public workout Wednesday on the floor of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero made the ladies swoon on workout day ahead of his March 7 bout with Keith Thurman.

He dealt out rapid fire shadowboxing combinations as he glided over the canvas. Then he dealt the coup de grace—he whipped off his shirt. The shriek from the ladies in the crowd could’ve knocked you back a step.

“That’s what the fans come to see, to see what kind of shape I’m in,” Guerrero laughed. “Hey, you rip your shirt off and show them I’m ready to go.”

Ready he is for Saturday’s tilt against Keith Thurman on the debut Premier Boxing Champions card airing live on NBC at 8:30 p.m. ET from the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

If there’s a heightened buzz in the air for fight week, it’s something Guerrero, of all the fighters on the card, is perhaps the most accustomed to. He’s already been through it when he took on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in May 2013, and experienced all the hoopla that surrounds a big fight.

“It’s about staying focused, staying on your game, staying hungry,” Guerrero said. “The experience with Mayweather, one of the things he told me was ‘Hey, you know what, you’ve got to be ready.’ I thought yeah, I’m going to be ready for you. But really he was talking about the whole riff. Be ready for the media, be ready for the tour, be ready for everything that comes along with it. That’s where you’ve got to be ready for it, mentally.”

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