Presenting the 12 Rounds of Christmas: Round 5 (Charlo vs Williams)

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Given their perfect records, high boxing acumen, devastating punching power and intense animosity toward one another, nobody was shocked that Jermall Charlo and Julian Williams put on an electrifying performance in their 154-pound world title fight. Pretty much everyone, however, was shocked by the electrifying finish.

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12 Rounds of Christmas 2016: Round 5

Although Jermall Charlo scored a clean knockdown with a second-round jab in his December 10 title defense against Julian Williams in Los Angeles, the bout was virtually even on the scorecards through four rounds.

The unbeaten 26-year-olds continued to score with multiple heavy shots to the head and body in an all-action Round 5—a round that appeared dead even through the first 90 seconds. Then came the punch that nobody saw coming—least of all Williams.

As you watch Charlo’s devastating knockdown that signaled the beginning of the end for Williams, pay close attention to the action that precedes it—particularly how the champion masterfully blocks a Williams right hand with his own right hand, then pulls the same hand back and uncorks an uppercut straight out of a Boxing 101 textbook.

For a complete recap of Charlo vs Williams, visit our fight page. And to view this year’s 12 Rounds of Christmas series, head over to our video page.

Jermall Charlo and Julian Williams

In a back-and-forth brawl that appeared to up for grabs through four rounds, Jermall Charlo used a devastating uppercut to drop Julian Williams in Round 5 and retain his 154-pound title. (Stephanie Trapp/Showtime)

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