Outside the Ring: Caleb Truax is Helping Those in Need

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The former world 168-pound champion is all about making a difference in the lives of those who need it.

Former IBF world super middleweight champion Caleb Truax understands what it’s like to be in need. Truax also understands how help and the kindness of others can make all the difference.

"My mom was a single mom for me, my twin sister, and my younger brother," Truax explained. "I wouldn't say we grew up in poverty, but we were on welfare, moving around, and switching schools quite often. We always had help from our family. My grandparents were always really helpful, so it’s not like we were living on the street. 

"But we had our difficulties. It made me appreciate the things I have and made me into a hard worker. It also made me want to help people who are in the same spot I was in as a kid. We had plenty of help along the way, and without that help who knows what would have happened or how we would have ended up. It’s nice to be able to help other people that are in need when I have time and the resources to do so."

Helping others is part and parcel of Truax’s life. He’s partnered with multiple organizations for a variety of focuses. But all of them have one thing in common: they help people and children in need.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is one of the organizations Truax works with every year. He's part of their Muscle Team, a group of professional athletes who contribute their time, energy, and platforms to help the MDA's search to "fund innovative research and care to find treatments and cures for people living with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases that severely limit strength and mobility," as the MDA describes it.

"They have a pretty big gala once a year in November," Truax said. "My girlfriend and I have been going for six years. Doing it for that long, I’ve gotten to see some of the same kids grow up and keep fighting their ailments. It’s inspiring for someone who's a fighter, to see young kids that are dealing with something that’s eventually going to take their life unless there’s some kind of breakthrough. They just keep fighting."

It’s nice to be able to help other people that are in need when I have time and the resources to do so. Former World Super Middleweight Champion - Caleb Truax

Truax, a Minnesota native who still calls the state home, has fought several times at the Minneapolis Armory. Before a recent fight card at the Armory, he and fellow PBC fighter Jamal James volunteered their time at People Serving People, a charity organization just blocks from the Armory that helps homeless, at-risk children and their families. 

"Jamal and I and some of the guys from the Armory just walked over [to People Serving People]. We got to read some books to some kids and helped raise money for school supplies for kids that are either in transition or homeless with their parents. It helps alleviate some of the pressure on their parents. The Armory did a really good job stepping up and donating to the cause."

Another local non-profit just steps away from the Armory in downtown Minneapolis is the House of Charity. 

"A friend of mine is the executive director of House of Charity," Truax said. "We got together to serve meals for the homeless and raise money for new kitchen equipment. The Armory stepped up again and donated. They serve meals to homeless people three times a day, seven days a week. They also have a shelter, an apartment building with temporary housing, for the homeless."

Recently, Caleb contributed to an annual festival for the Heroes for Hope charity. 

"Gavin is a kid who has brain cancer. I met him at the St. Paul Children's Hospital about three years ago," Caleb said. "He and his parents started Heroes for Hope to raise money for brain cancer research and to help families out who are dealing with it. I’ve done a few different events with Gavin and his family. He’s an awesome kid. He’s been through a lot but he still has the wherewithal to try to help other people that are going through the same thing he’s going through. So it’s really cool to go out and help him raise money to help other people. 

"I try to help out however I can."

For a closer look at Caleb Truax, check out his fighter page. 

Anyone can donate to or volunteer with the Muscular Dystrophy Association or People Serving People or House of Charity

"Outside the Ring" is a regular feature centered on the charitable efforts of PBC fighters. Learn more about what motivates these boxers and the causes they support outside the ring.

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