Guerrero wants KO against pollution

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Former World Champion fights to educate and call attention to water pollution in his own community.

It may seem like a joke with the slogan being so obvious: “Nothing but rain goes down the drain” popping up on billboards and bus stops around Gilroy, Calif. and nearby Morgan Hill, Calif.—but to Robert Guerrero knocking out storm pollution is no laughing matter. “It might seem kind of trivial, but storm water pollution in our area is a big deal. I wanted to lend my name to just send the message that everyone can help out in cleaning up pollution so that we can have quality drinking water in the Bay area,” Guerrero said.

With help from “The Ghost,” Guerrero’s hometown of Gilroy and Morgan Hill are launching a sixth-month campaign to inform citizens on how they can help clean up and prevent storm water pollution.

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