The Ghost gives back in Gilroy

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Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero grew from a fledgling young fighter into a world champion living in Gilroy, California. To show how much the community has meant to him, Guerrero decided he needed to give a little extra back for Thanksgiving.

Guerrero, along with wife Casey, donated $5,000 to help pay for 300 meals that the Salvation Army served in his hometown. "We're a tight community. We all know each other, and we all love each other,” Guerrero said, leading the prayer prior to the dinner. Helping out the citizens of Gilroy is nothing new to Guerrero. He has often given back to his hometown, where the former champ grew up as one of six brothers in a boxing family. Going through his share of tough times as a child has made him appreciate all the blessings he has received, and served as a constant reminder to always help those who are less fortunate. “The problem with boxing is that very few guys really make it in the sport, so to have a community like Gilroy be behind you and support you through everything, it helps you get through adversity,” Guerrero said. “That’s why I wanted to give back to Gilroy in a small way and host this Thanksgiving dinner in part with the Salvation Army. “[I enjoy] doing fundraisers, helping the Salvation Army, passing out items to the homeless, just being there and spreading the love and letting people know that there is somebody like myself, a professional athlete who is willing to help out the community—to inspire them to better themselves and be a hard worker and get out there and get what they want in life.”

Robert Guerrero

Gilroy's own Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero spent his Thanksgiving serving his community.

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