A double life for Keith Thurman: knockouts and Chihuahuas

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He's tough, he's confident and he's one of the best fighters in the world. Yet Keith "One Time" Thurman has a soft spot for his pets.

Keith Thurman is known for both his bark and bite in the ring.

What people might not know about the fighter is that while he is one of boxing’s big dogs, when he comes home after training it’s his two Chihuahuas that keep the interim 147-pound champ in check.

“I’m the big dog in the house so I don’t have to actually have big dogs,” said a laughing Thurman of his two Chihuahuas (Liberty and Nova).  

Thurman, who adopted the three-year-old male Nova to be a companion for the older female, Liberty in the last year, takes all the jokes about owning Chihuahuas in stride.  

“People who really know me like to joke about it, and I wasn’t expecting to own Chihuahuas, but they’ve definitely grown on me.”  

Thurman recently added to his stable of pets when a sparring partner gave Thurman an American Bulldog for Christmas. Thurman named him “Lil Champion” in honor of his longtime trainer Ben Getty’s Bulldog that was named “Champ.”  

“Lil Champ likes to nip at the other two and they don’t like it. We’ll just have to see what happens with all these guys.”

My new family member

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