Fight Night: Tue, Sep 22, 2015 - Sands Casino, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Williams vs Cuello

Julian Williams wasted no time as he battered Luciano Cuello to gain a first-round TKO and remain unbeaten.
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Williams vs Cuello highlights: September 22, 2015


  • –Julian Williams announced himself quickly in the first round, firing a right that split Luciano Cuello’s guard. The blow certainly appeared to get the Argentinian’s attention as Cuello quickly covered up.

  • –Williams staggered Cuello with another right, and the Argentine wasn’t safe on the ropes. Williams pounced and hammered away with a barrage of overhand rights. Referee Gary Rosato saw more than enough and waved it off at 1:33 for a first-round TKO.

Julian Williams fought like a man who had early dinner plans at Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Luciano Cuello had no answers—and barely threw any punches—because of the attack Williams brought to the ring.

Williams connected on a stiff jab early in the round that seemed to take all the fight out of Cuello, who shifted into a pure defensive mode.

Williams sensed blood in the water, though. The Philadelphia native clobbered Cuello with a right hand that left the Argentine with jelly legs.

Cuello half-turned his back as he staggered to the ropes, and Williams pounced.

Williams unleashed a series of overhand rights that Cuello tried to weather, but referee Gary Rosato stepped in and ended it at 1:33 for a first-round TKO.

Julian Williams and Luciano Cuello

Julian Williams rocks Luciano Cuello with a right hand during their fight in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. (Suzanne Teresa/Premier Boxing Champions)

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