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Rances Barthelemy
Jun 19, 2015 / Beyond the ring, Rances Barthelemy, Barthelemy vs DeMarco, Antonio DeMarco

For Rances Barthelemy, journey to United States was more than 35 attempts in the making

Rances Barthelemy
Jun 15, 2015 / Barthelemy vs DeMarco, Rances Barthelemy, Antonio DeMarco

Left, right and long: Rances Barthelemy is ready to deploy all his weapons

Rances Barthelemy
May 28, 2015 / Barthelemy vs DeMarco, Vasquez vs Omotoso, Rances Barthelemy, Antonio DeMarco, Sammy Vasquez Jr., Wale Omotoso

Prepare for “Blast” off: Rances Barthelemy and Antonio DeMarco set for throwdown on CBS


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