The story behind 'Swift'

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Just how did Danny Garcia, one of the world's top fighters, get his nickname? It's a story - with style.

Garcia has risen up the ranks fairly quickly to become one of the top 140-pound fighters in the sport. Known for his mean left hook, and his ability to move quickly on his feet, it’s no wonder the Philly native is called “Swift”.

But his boxing nickname was chosen at an early age and had nothing to do with his prowess in the ring.

Even at a young age, Garcia was known for his interest in fashion. As a stylish youngster, personal appearence and what he chose to wear were always important. He had an eye for style and it stuck with him ever since.

"One day when I was 12 or 13, I walked into the gym, wearing my usual getup, and someone looked at me and said, ‘look, it’s young swift. You always got that swag about you.’ From there, the name stuck," Garcia said.

Nowadays, what sets him apart is that he sets his own trends - and fashions -  with his own DSG brand. It's a dream come true for him but more importantly, it's an important way for this talented athlete to share who he is outside the ring.

“Fashion is a big way I express myself, and I never conform to trends. I want to set my own style. It’s the way I fight too – I am my own person. I don’t answer to anyone but myself.”

Garcia will show his talents in the ring again as he co-headlines the Premier Boxing Champions card on NBC April 11.

I know what it feels like to have nothing.. I hated it.. I ain't going back, I came to far

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