Skate or die with Danny Garcia

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Danny Garcia’s secret weapon? He “can play every sport.”

Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse

For his next trick, Danny Garcia will beat Lucas Matthysse at handball.

Every sport? Like a 140-pound Bo Jackson from those late-’80s commercials? As it turns out: Yes. Garcia was in the gym with pro skateboarder Manny Santiago when he busted out a couple of tricks of his own.

“I didn’t skateboard in 10 years, but it kicked in right away. I landed a pop shovel. I was trying to land a kickflip but I couldn’t really get it, because I haven’t been in there in a long time. “

Don’t worry, fight fans: He was doing his tricks on a mat. Popping ollies is only fun when you’re not popping a shoulder out of its socket. But the shredding comes to Garcia like the gridiron and the ice did as a kid.

“I can play every sport. I played ice hockey for three years when I was a little kid. I played football, I played baseball,” he said. “I’m just a great athlete. I love sports. That’s why I love boxing. I love the one-on-one competition. It’s amazing to me. “

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