Barrientes Twins & 21 Savage to Model Luis Vuiton Summer Wear

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Dynamic Duo Collab with Louis Vuitton and Rapper 21 Savage with Watercolor Summer Collection.

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 7, 2021) – Angel and Chavez Barrientes, the energetic twin boxing brothers from Las Vegas, have made their way to the fashion world by becoming legitimate high level fashion models, as the dynamic duo are showcased with rapper 21 Savage on the front page of Louis Vuitton’s website, showcasing the global brand’s Watercolor Summer Collection.
Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton’s creative director, created the men’s ‘21 capsule collection, driven by the west coast skate culture in California. The wardrobe is underlined with vibrant colors and numerous fashion pages have showcased the pieces on social media, gaining international exposure.
The Barrientes Twins, who are of Mexican and Filipino descent, made the cut of over 1,000 other models when auditioning for the shoot. The twosome fight under the Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) banner and are scheduled to fight on national television sometime in June.
“It’s quite amazing that we were chosen to be part of this historic photo shoot when we auditioned,” said Chavez Barrientes, who along with his twin brother, is only 18-years old. “Louis Vuitton is a global brand so to be featured on their website with 21 Savage is incredible. Our focus remains to become world champions in boxing, but it's nice to have a lucrative modeling career to go alongside with it.”
“I never thought in a million years that I would become a fashion model with my brother,” stated Angel Barrientes with a big smile. “The fact that we got compensated to take some photos is mind boggling, but very cool at the same time. I’m going to take this newfound fame and run with it but remain humble while on the journey.”
"To see my boys on the front page of Louis Vuitton's website with 21 Savage has taken their brand to another level." said Richard Barrientes, father and trainer of the twins. "The photo shoot is trending on social media and they are getting a lot of positive feedback. 21 Savage and Louis Vuitton have over 50 million followers on Instagram so you can imagine the amount of calls I've been getting. This is great for boxing."
This is the first time in boxing history that two prize fighters are about to become high end fashion models, globally recognized in an entirely different market, the fashion world. The popularity of the Barrientes Twins is going to skyrocket as they continue fight on PBC on FOX, in addition to traveling around the globe doing photo shoots for international brands. The photo shoot has already gained international recognition as many of the top fashion publications are posting on their Instagram and social media pages.
“Fighting for the PBC is truly a catalyst to provide opportunities for these young fighters.” stated Bob Santos, who manages the Barrientes twins. “Fighting on a global stage has enabled the Barrientes twins to work with Louis Vuitton, one of the most iconic brands in the world, which will help boxing reach a diverse multitude of people. Boxing has the potential to be seen by millions of more people because of the twins."

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