Austin Trout relocates training camp to be home for daughter's 13th birthday

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Barry Hunter’s HeadBangers Gym in Washington, D.C., is a bit of a hike from Austin Trout’s Las Cruces, New Mexico, home. Nothing unusual there, really. Plenty of fighters train far away from home.

Austin Trout

Austin Trout to take on his toughest opponent yet—teenagers.

The only problem? Training camp coincided with his daughter Kaira’s 13th birthday today.

So on a plane Austin Trout goes, to spend some time with his family before returning to the nation’s capital on August 22 to resume camp before heading into his September 8 fight against Joey Hernandez that kicks off Toe-to-Toe Tuesdays on Fox Sports 1 (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT). 

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“It’s my daughter’s 13th birthday, so I’ve got to go and celebrate that,” he said. “She’s going to be a teenager, so I definitely have to be there and make sure the party don’t get too crazy.”

While he’s back in New Mexico, Trout will work with his old trainer, Louis Burke, to stay on form. After he returns to Washington, it’s back to work with Hunter and boxing brothers Anthony and Lamont Peterson as he prepares for the hard-hitting southpaw Hernandez.

Then again, tackling a tough lefty seems like 12 rounds with Winnie the Pooh compared to the rigors of adolescence.

“It’s worse,” Trout said. “She’ll be in high school next year, and I think about all the stuff I did in high school. Oh my God.”

For all things Trout vs Hernandez, stay up to date on our fight page.

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