Adrien Broner scores decisive victory over John Molina Jr.

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Adrien Broner didn’t shine quite as bright as his diamond-encrusted boxing trunks—the average disco ball couldn’t have done that—but still, Broner fought his way to a decisive unanimous decision victory over a frustrated John Molina Jr.

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Broner vs Molina Jr highlights: March 7, 2015

Broner routinely used a thundering jab to keep Molina at bay, controlling the range of the fight consistently and largely avoiding Molina’s punches.

At times, he used his superior lateral movement and footwork to bedevil Molina, causing the latter to chase Broner around the ring, firing wild overhand rights that frequently missed their target.

“He can’t hit me,” Broner told Molina’s corner at one point during Round 10.

Still, Molina did have his moments, scoring with a stiff right upper cut in Round 3, where he landed a number of solid punches, and coming on strong in round five, where Molina egged Broner on as he had perhaps his best sustained attack with a series of strafing right hands followed by a thumping left hook.

Nevertheless, Broner began to really pull away from Molina during the latter third of the fight, doubling and tripling his jab before landing a head-swiveling right in round nine.

Things started to get ugly towards the end of the fight, with both fighters complaining of being hit in the back of the head and referee Robert Byrd warning both for roughhouse tactics.

For Molina, it was his third loss in a row, while Broner notched his third consecutive victory after suffering his lone defeat against Marcos Maidana in December 2013.

Adrien Broner and John Molina Jr.

Adrien Broner used his jab Saturday night to keep John Molina Jr. at bay.

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