Fight Night: Sat, Mar 07, 2015 - MGM Grand, Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

Keith Thurman outlasted Robert Guerrero in an instant classic. Thurman prevailed in a unanimous decision, but paid the price in the fight, suffering a hematoma that sent him to the hospital after the fight. With the win, Thurman remained unbeaten.
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Thurman vs Guerrero highlights: March 7, 2015

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  • - Thurman set up Guerrero with a left, then dropped him with a devastating pair of right uppercuts in the ninth round.

  • - After being knocked down, Guerrero came out invigorated in the late rounds to take the fight to Thurman.

  • - A headbutt in the early rounds caused Thurman to develop a hematoma over his left eye. Thurman was treated and released at a nearby hospital after the fight.

Keith Thurman won a unanimous decision against Robert Guerrero in a bloody, all-out battle which thrilled the crowd.

While Keith Thurman kept his undefeated record March 7 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, he paid a physical price after an all-out war with Robert Guerrero.

After early rounds that were punctuated by a headbutt that caused Thurman to develop a hematoma over his left eye, Thurman amped up the intensity with a ninth-round knockdown that looked, momentarily, like it might put Guerrero down for good.

But the Gilroy, California, native showed tremendous heart in getting up off the mat and surviving a vicious flurry from Thurman to end the round. It seemed to switch something on in Guerrero, who came out with heavy lefts as he tried to return the favor.

It wasn't to be, though. Thurman absorbed plenty of punishment on his own, but managed to stay on his feet and earn the unanimous decision: 120-107, 118, 109, 118-108.

After the fight, Guerrero, wearing dark sunglasses after receiving three stitches for his cut, said he wasn’t hurt.

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