Fight Night: Sat, Dec 16, 2023 - The Armory, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Former world champions squared off as Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (38-6-1, 20 KOs) grinded out a unanimous decision (98-92 twice, 99-91) over Andre Berto (32-6, 24 KOs) after 10 rounds of welterweight action.
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“I felt great in the ring,” said Guerrero. “I said in the fighter meeting that I was going to box a little more and work on my jab and foot work.

Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Berto is a tough character. He’s fast, he’s strong. He tied me up a lot. I’m pumped, I’m excited. Let’s see what’s next after this.”

"I came off a long layoff to try to avenge one of my losses and I was really trying tonight,” said Berto. “My timing was off, but I tried my best. I love this game, but I came up short."

Two fighters who have delivered numerous Fight of the Years throughout their careers, Guerrero and Berto met in a rematch of their memorable 2012 battle that Guerrero won by decision. In the sequel, Guerrero was the busier and more accurate fighter on his way to landing double-digit punches in eight of 10 rounds.

“I had to fight smarter,” said Guerrero. “Last time I had a chip on my shoulder when I fought Berto. I wanted to walk him down. This time I used my boxing skills. You’ve watched me since I was 122 pounds and you knew I could box and be on the outside. So that’s what I did today. I’m excited. You know, as my father says I’m 40 years old, but the older the bull, the stiffer the horns.”

Guerrero began to close down the distance from a jabbing Berto, using 31 jabs to the body of his own to soften the defense. Known as a dangerous and wily puncher on the inside, Guerrero appeared to make Berto uncomfortable with thudding power shots on his charging opponent.

Overall, Guerrero outlanded Berto 125 to 96, connecting on 39% of shots to 31% for Berto. With his fifth consecutive victory, Guerrero plans to continue fighting and attempt one more climb to world title contention.

“I want to see how far I can go,” said Guerrero. “Maybe I can get back into a world title fight, what do you all think about that? Let me tell you, Mexican power baby!”