USA Today: PBC-FOX Partnership Brings Increased Boxing Viewership

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The publication discusses how the combination of PBC and FOX is helping to bring boxing back into the spotlight.

Ever since Premier Boxing Champions made its debut on network television, boxing viewership has increased dramatically, says FOX Sports executive vice president Bill Wanger in a November 7th USA Today article titled, "Boxing back in network TV spotlight? Fox, PBC partnership attempts to do just that.

It's no secret that what the goal of the PBC-FOX partnership is, "to grow the sport to a wider and younger audience through a traditional medium: network television," as the article notes. 

“I think one of the positive things about this is that when you’re only programming to boxing fans, that’s a very finite audience,” said PBC VP of Communications Tim Smith in the article. “But when you’re on a network, you’re programming to sports fans. That’s a wider net, and when you cast a wider net, you get more fans."

That has been the case as the partnership has spawned many successful events, fun fights and introduced the sport to an audience who would have otherwise never seen it. For the full story, and including quotes from Errol Spence Jr., Shawn Porter, Lennox Lewis and more, click here.

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