March Matchness: Four for fighting

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Four men are left, standing on the shoulders of giants. Well, maybe not Floyd Mayweather Jr., who's standing on the shoulders of 5-foot-5 Willie Pep, but still. We're all the way through our Elite Eight-Count in Premier Boxing Champions' pound-for-pound beatdown among history's greats. Now it's time to get down to business.

The last round saw two blowouts and two tight races, including two matches that were decided by 11 votes total. It doesn't get any easier this go-round, with two all-time greats mixing it up with two men who are still fighting. 

Voting starts now and continues through noon PT Sunday. Check back Monday for our championship round.

Bracket PBC March Matchness

Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Mike Tyson: Both Robinson and Tyson handled their last rounds easily: Robinson over Rocky Marciano and Tyson over Sugar Ray Leonard. Now it comes down to the endless debate: Do you want the brutally effective puncher or the balletic boxer?

Robinson vs Tyson poll

Robinson vs Tyson poll

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Bernard Hopkins: B-Hop's Cinderella run just ain't stopping. He upended a No. 1 seed in Jack Johnson and a No. 2 in George Foreman. Can he hand another No. 1 a defeat and take down the mighty Mayweather? Or will Money stop the seemingly invincible Alien?

Mayweather vs Hopkins poll

Mayweather vs Hopkins poll

Thanks for voting! Don't forget to return Monday, April 6 to help select PBC's all-time pound-for-pound champion.

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