March Matchness: The championship round

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Wisconsin and Duke? That's just something to keep you busy until you settle into the more compelling matchup for today.

We've slugged it out for four rounds of boxing legends to end up here: the title match between Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr. to see who your pound-for-pound king is. It's the Baddest Man on the Planet vs. The Best Ever in the conclusion of PBC's inaugural March Matchness. What are you waiting for? Vote already.

Bracket PBC March Matchness

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Mike Tyson: You backed Iron Mike past Evander Holyfield, through Sugar Ray Leonard and past the boxer many experts consider the all-time pound-for-pound king: Sugar Ray Robinson. Mayweather, meanwhile, easily handled fictional fighters Kid Galahad and Ivan Drago, then put up close but impressive wins over Joe Louis and the tenacious Bernard Hopkins to make it to the show. Now it's time to dance. Best hurry, though. Voting ends at midnight.


Mayweather vs Tyson poll

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