Fight Night: Tue, Nov 10, 2015 - Austin City Music Hall, Austin, Texas

Gonzalez vs Guerfi

Frenchman Karim Guerfi roared back from an early knockdown in his U.S. debut and won a 10-round unanimous decision over Alejandro Gonzalez Jr., who injured his hand in the first round.
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Gonzalez vs Guerfi full fight: November 10, 2015

Gonzalez Jr vs Guerfi Round by Round Fight Summary. Rounds are displayed numerically as columns. Each row will display one of the following: W for win, L for loss, KO for knockout, or TKO for technical knock out. An empty column means that data is not available.
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  • –Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. dropped Karim Guerfi with a devastating liver shot in Round 1, although he also hurt his right hand shortly thereafter.

  • –With his opponent wounded, Guerfi took advantage, picking him apart with quick, short counterpunches and then stepping around Gonzalez to elude his attack.

  • –Guerfi punctuated his impressive showing with a strong Round 8, when he punished Gonzalez to the body with both hands en route to an upset victory.

It was all about the hands as the fast fists of Karim Guerfi trumped a wounded Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. in an upset win at Austin City Music Hall in Austin, Texas.

Although Gonzalez dropped Guerfi in Round 1 with a punishing liver shot to gain the early advantage, he hurt his right hand shortly thereafter, as he told his corner following the round.

From there, Guerfi, making his U.S. debut, didn’t just flip the script, the 28-year-old Frenchman rolled the thing up and bludgeoned Gonzalez into submission with it.

Displaying impressive hand speed and good footwork, Guerfi (23-3, 6 KOs) peppered Gonzalez (25-3-2, 15 KOs) with combos then sidestepped out of harm’s way.

After injuring his right hand, Gonzalez began loading up on his left, but Guerfi was able to successfully counter his opponent’s one-dimensional attack. Gonzalez continued to fire off his right intermittently, but his timing was off and his punches lacked zing.

Although Gonzalez still pressed forward gamely throughout the 10-round bout, he lacked the firepower to muster much of an attack as Guerfi pulled away to win a unanimous decision (97-92, 96-93, 95-94).

Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. and Karim Guerfi

Karim Guerfi was quicker to the punch throughout the fight as he earned a 10-round unanimous decision over Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. in Austin, Texas. (Josh Jordan/Premier Boxing Champions)

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