Fight Night: Sun, Jun 21, 2015 - MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

Barthelemy vs DeMarco

Rances “Kid Blast” Barthelemy stayed dialed in for 10 rounds and won a unanimous decision over Antonio DeMarco.
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Barthelemy vs DeMarco, Vasquez vs Omotoso highlights: June 21, 2015

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  • — Barthelemy showed his versatility early, coming out orthodox before switching up to southpaw midway throughout the first round. It would be a trend that would continue for the rest of the afternoon, and something DeMarco had no answer for.

  • — Barthelemy scored a knockdown with a huge left in the fourth round, but DeMarco survived the round. That would prove to be the other trend of the afternoon: Despite absorbing significant punishment, Barthelemy couldn’t get DeMarco out of there.

  • — Barthelemy lost a point in the ninth round for excessive low blows, but it wasn’t nearly enough to affect the outcome as he won 99-89 on all three cards.

Rances Barthelemy proved a textbook case of outclassing one’s opponent Sunday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena as he remained unbeaten with a convincing 99-89 rout of Antonio DeMarco.

The only blemish on Barthelemy's otherwise-perfect score came courtesy of a point deduction in the ninth for excessive low blows.

Barthelemy rocked DeMarco in the fourth with a thundering left. DeMarco went to one knee and even though he got back up, he never got back in the fight.

Barthelemy used the distance and employed snappy jabs from either side in a switch-hitting effort that set up the big left. DeMarco absorbed plenty of them, and to his credit, stayed on his feet, but Barthelemy proved to be far more than he could handle.

Rances Barthelemy and Antonio DeMarco

Barthelemy conquered DeMarco with a convincing 99-89 rout. (Lucas Noonan / Premier Boxing Champions)

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