Fight of the Year: Erickson Lubin vs Sebastian Fundora | Best of PBC 2022
3:33Dec 29, 2022

On April 9, 2022, Erickson Lubin and Sebastian Fundora faced off in a dramatic back-and-forth battle of wills. Lubin got off to a strong start but was dropped by a hard right uppercut in round two. Fundora continued his onslaught until Lubin caught a second wind, uncorking a short right hook that dazed Fundora and ultimately led to him taking a knee. Fundora recovered and poured it on in the eighth. Finally, in the ninth, with Lubin’s eyes swelling and blood coming from his mouth, Fundora put more pressure on him, landing power punches at an alarming rate. Fundora trainer Kevin Cunningham had seen enough, mercifully ending it when Lubin returned to the corner, and that's why Lubin vs Fundora is the PBC Fight of the Year for 2022.