Thurman vs. Guerrero: The Moment

If you missed March 7's all-out brawl between Keith Thurman and Robert Guerrero on NBC, you missed out on a great one. It's a fight that Thurman controlled through eight rounds, but his knockdown of Guerrero at 0:50 of the ninth round became The Moment of the fight.

In the simmer before the boil of the later rounds, Guerrero connects with a solid right to Thurman's head, but One Time takes that trade to deliver a bruising uppercut right of his own. It's a punch that would come back in a big way in the ninth. Click and hold your mouse, then move it right to left to advance the image (and left to right to rewind):

Guerrero leads with a left jab, but comes in to follow that up with a right at the same time Thurman moves inside. The two fighters butted heads, causing Thurman to develop a hematoma that swelled up immediately:

Guerrero was looking to trade, but misses with this right that leaves him open for a big counter from Thurman:

And here's The Moment. Thurman leads with a left that stuns Guerrero, and fires two rapid-fire right uppercuts to put Guerrero on the mat with 50 seconds left in the round:

Guerrero came out firing in the 10th round. He was behind on points and needed to score a knockout to win the fight. He came out firing, hoping to land one that would put Thurman to sleep:

Guerrero couldn't quite get it done, though. Thurman came out on top on all three judges' cards, and remained unbeaten with the win:

What will the next Moment be? Check out Spike TV at 9 p.m. on Friday, when Premier Boxing Champions brings you Shawn Porter vs. Roberto Garcia and Andre Berto vs. Josesito Lopez to find out.

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